Men and women are as different as dogs and octopuses.


Les hommes et les femmes sont totalement différents.

Although men and women are the same human beings, they are completely different creatures. Therefore, they often pass by each other, argue, and even break up. I think everyone has struggled with the differences in affection. However, the brains of men and women are fundamentally different, so understanding this should help reduce frustration, anxiety, and loneliness when interacting with each other. So, this time let’s talk about how the mindset of men and women differs, and in what ways it differs!

Differences between male and female brains list

  • Women are multitaskers, while men are single-taskers.
  • Women enjoy the process, while men need a purpose.
  • Women have an empathetic brain, while men have a problem-solving brain.
  • Women are sensitive to change, while men are insensitive to change.
  • Women gradually develop feelings, while men peak at the beginning.
  • Women value the accumulation of love, while men prioritize the magnitude of love.
  • Women act based on emotions, while men act based on logic.
  • Women communicate for intimacy, while men communicate for reporting.
  • Women fear rejection, while men fear failure.
  • Women focus on the past, while men are captivated by the present.
  • Women actively consider marriage, while men are cautious about it.

Male and female brains are so different.

There are so many differences between the male brain and the female brain. It’s almost like considering them as different species, like dogs and octopuses. LOL

Basically, men do not necessarily provide what women want (such as the accumulation of love, empathy, noticing changes, wanting to enjoy the process, and long-term loving relationships), so it is necessary for both to understand the differences and come together.

Moreover, it’s not easy to neatly divide the brain into male and female, which makes things complicated.

Gender may also mix regardless.

Of course, there may be cases in the list where someone says, “I am a woman, but this does not apply to me.”

In this era, with the advancement of women in society and the prevalence of smartphones, the differences between men and women are becoming increasingly diverse, regardless of gender.

Some people may have a male brain type at work, but a female brain type in their private life. And of course, vice versa.

In the future, rather than being too constrained by “I am a man” or “I am a woman,” it is important to identify which parts of a person have a male brain and which parts have a female brain.

Recognizing that oneself and others are different creatures should become a natural value within oneself.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.